Sarus stormed ashore at Nordic Business Forum

This year Sarus team almost in full strength took part in a super-mega-event – Nordic Business Forum 2014. And it was great! The purpose of participation was to gain new knowledge on how to serve our customers better and how to run a business in this fast changing and challenging economic circumstances, to gain experience from the most successful world businessmen, learn secrets of the lucrative career from such legends as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir Alex Fergusson, and just to listen to the best world speakers.

Was the event as good as we expected? Much, much better! It was great, it was cool, it was fun, it was awesome! I would like to emphasize one thing: all the speakers talked about different stuff, about their own experience, but there was one thing that was mentioned nearly by every single spokeperson – the core, the topmost are the people. Success or failure, rise or fall, pleasure or dissatisfaction from what you are doing – it’s about people you are working with. The main asset of the company are people. To have right people on the bus – this is what you need to be great, not just good.

Arnold Shwarzenegger ja Henkka Hyppönen Nordic Business Forumissa

Arnold Shwarzenegger ja Henkka Hyppönen Nordic Business Forumissa

The excellent start of the Day One was unbelievable and charismatic Jim Collins appearance. Who can ever forget these poor frozen ponies of Robert Scott? Now I really understand the meaning of “Dog and Pony Show” expression. However, to be serious, this speech, dedicated to leadership, was one the very best speeches I have ever heard in my life. The lecture of Matti Alahuhta, one of the most respected business managers in Finland, gave us the understanding of his business philosophy.

Than we became the bystanders of hot session with young businessmen – members “30 before 30” club (a bit disappointed by the absence of Pavel Durov). In the end of the day one we met mr. Universe and Terminator, Conan and Comando – unbelievable Arnold Shwarzenegger. Now I am not just an ordinary girl – I am a girl who has a selfie with Arnold in her Instagram! I did it! And my biggest surprise  – he is really smart and brilliant speaker, and he has excellent sence of humor! Stay hungry, dream big, sleep faster, do not listen to the the «Nay» people and believe in yourself whatever happens- these are his rules of life he shared with us.
And, of course, he will be back!

Dambisa Mayo started the Day two and it was supposed to be rather gloomy report. One of the best world economists described the current situation and the nearest future of the world ecomomy. Have you ever seen a moovie ”The day after tomorrow”? “Armagedon”? Well, it was something very close. It seems the world has never faced more serious challenges since the WWII: technology, demographic, natural resources, income inequality. Surprisingly we all felt very optimistic. May be the reason was that the speaker was extremelly charming, may be she has shown us some silver linings: we need to change business behavior and the way of running business. One thing I can tell for sure: no one can say that woman cannot be smart and beautiful at the same time once he has seen and listened to brilliant Dambisa Mayo.

The next speaker… well, it was the best personification of what they call a Funky Business! A rockstar rather than a boring contributor, Soulaima Gourani was overloaded with the positive energy like an Energizer battery, she took the audience by her positive storm. Her idea of World Peace through World Trade is very close to what Sarus is doing. Indeed, business is the best peacemaker. Personally I was conquered by the slide from her presentation with lamas in old soviet Volga car. She was great, from now on I am her most devoted fan.

Sure ladies will not forget Tony Fernandez soon. The success story of his company AirAsia sounded like a moovie script: how to create the best lowcost aircompany with a lack of money, political support, with no experience and air license? Easy! Personally I was facsinated by his attitude towards his employees, no suprise his personnel loves him. This is a real dream boss, the best boss ever, for whom “Business are the people” are not just words.

My personal favourite appeared to be Sir Ken Robinson. I was charmed by his clear British accent and unique sence of humor, so special to UK subjects. Sir Ken dedicated his life to the education and his idea is that the core task of the educational process is bring to light the real destination of human being, true calling of the personality. As a mother I totally agree!

The very last (but not the least!) guest of the Forum was a real present from the organizers for the audience. You do not need to be a football fan to know this name – Sir Alex Fergusson. The legendary Manchester United manager told us how to manage a team full of stars, and to keep going forward despite all possible victories in your portfolio. It was a real pleasure to listen to the inimitable speech of Sir Alex and my husband is going to be jealous forever.

These were great two days. The atmosphere was unforgetable, the organisation was flawless. And when the event was over the only idea was to go home and start working with all this new knowledge, fresh ideas and energy. Not to forget to read all these books! And as for me it was great to see my colleagues from Finland and Ukraine, and to meet for the first time Askhad and Janette from Sarus Kazakhstan. Guys, I am so lucky to work with you!

-Irina Chumina, Moscow

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