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Nordic ID

Sarus surveyed the market potential of ex CIS countries and Russia for Nordic ID products on the basis of which they created an import and re-distribution network. At first a preliminary survey was made on the basis of which more stringent profiling took place in order to find partners for our various product segments. Sarus also functioned as export manager and advisor in profiling, looking for partners and during contract negotiations.

After locating partners, Sarus helped with export documentation and took on the role of export manager taking care of communications between Nordic ID and the partner. Sarus was also there to help with authorising maintenance for Nordic ID products in Russia. In addition, Sarus helped arrange marketing seminars and participated in the seminars of partner companies on behalf of Nordic ID. Sarus also localized marketing material and product certification and export documentation in accordance with Russian law.

Customer comment:

“The way in which Sarus started the project with us was straightforward and fast-paced going directly to the core of the matter. They did not stop with market surveys and reports on the target country but saw matters to the end i.e the commencing of sales. Sarus created a comprehensive network of contacts for us which we can still utilize with them in a sales capacity.”

Sales Manager Atte Kaskihalme, Nordic ID


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