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LVI-Suunnittelu Oy Juha Tourunen

Mobair- supply air diffusers are an excellent example of how sales in Russia can be increased within a time-scale of six months with the right course of action.

The company had conducted a survey on the Russian market and managed to arrange a few meetings in Moscow. Sarus were invited to the negotiations to give support.

Before the negotiations took place, the Sarus team acquainted itself thoroughly with the company products, its customers and markets after which decisions were made for the right course of action to take. We rolled up our sleeves and started by taking care of the basics. We performed an additional market survey while looking for more viable partners after which we then presented a marketing plan and made suggestions for marketing communications. The company gained answers to questions such as what to communicate and to whom, what is the image that should be portrayed and how to distinguish oneself from the competition. The marketing survey will benefit the company while doing business both at home and abroad.

The results of 6-months cooperation work: the company signed two dealer contracts in Russia and one in Finland, which increased sales considerably. In addition, the new website has hundreds of visitors per week, which in turn aids the sales and marketing of the company’s products.
Sarus Oy continues to support the Russian business of LVI-Suunnittelu Oy Juha Tourunen with daily sales promotional work.


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