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Salon Tukituote Oy

Salon Tukituote imports and manufactures threaded lifting anchors, fixing inserts and lifting accessories with customers ranging from element manufacturers and construction companies to pier manufacturers. The goal of the company is to export quality Finnish products to Russia at competitive prices. The export prowess of Tukituote has been boosted by participating in the Trade with Russia in Practice training programme and the input of a Russian speaking internee.

”A few years ago we took steps to enter the Russian markets but without the necessary language skills it proved difficult to get contacts. Then during a corporate event in Salo, we found Sarus and participated in their Trade with Russia in practice programme enthusiastically. It really boosted out goals for internationalization and through Sarus we have gained additional resources, contacts and concrete advice which has been of immeasurable help. In particular, Sarus’s experience with Moscow and St Petersburg and their local employee have greatly benefitted us. ”, says Ari Haanpää, Managing Director of the company.

Through the training programme, Tukituote received an intern who was assigned to performing basic market research in Russia. In addition to market research, Aleksander ( Aleksander Shevtsov), born in St Petersburg, has also dealt with exporting and customs declarations. And more learning lies ahead under the expert guidance of Sarus. The internship lasted four months after which Aleksander has continued to work for Tukituote in marketing.

”We have been very pleased with Aleksander’s effort. He has been very active in doing the groundwork towards our goals for internationalization. We have been able to acquire good contacts and some Russian customers have been over to visit us. The work has borne some new orders from e.g. Tallin.” According to Haanpää, co-operation with the intern has been smooth even though there were a few minor cultural differences in the beginning. Work culture and the concept of time are slightly different between Finland and Russia. In general, Finns tend to be more prompt then Russians. Matters were however resolved by discussing as Alexander’s Finnish skills improved during the internship.

Aleksander is on a temporary contract but his prospects for further employment with Tukituote look promising.” We really believe that things are now beginning to happen. Because of Aleksander, we have been able to amass new contacts and orders. At this rate he has definitely earned his place in our company.”


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