Trade with Russia in practice-programme, a student’s experiences

The first Trade with Russia in practice training program is over. The six-month recruitment program arranged by Sarus Oy, Työmaa Oy and The Centre for Economic Development in South West Finland offered participants a concise package of informaton and skills on the ins and outs of trading with Russia. The training programme was comprised of studying and a work placement period with an SME in South Western Finland. A few participants were employed with the placement company at the end of the training programme.

A student’s experiences:

”My first training day with the Trade with Russia in Practice-Programme has begun, something us students have been anticipating. There was an air of tension in a somewhat relaxed atmoshpere as most of us were fluent in Russian, an important quality for trading successfully with Russia? This is what we thought, but as it turns out in order to be successful you need solid know-how of commerce, Russian markets, knowledge of laws, regulations and customs documentation, knowledge of fiscal transactions and quirks in accounting as well as skills in marketing.

The programme provided us with an excellent opportunity to learn and be successful in our future jobs. The expertise of our coaches and long history of trading with Russia provided us with an excellent, hands-on training package!”

Irina Kessel

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