Our Services

Advisory services

Export documents
Trade with Russia and the CIS requires more documentation than with the west. We can help with export invoicing and, drawing on our extensive network of experts e.g. forwarding and logistics companies, we can also assist with delivery related issues.

Certifications and permits
When exporting and selling in Russia and the CIS, various product-specific permits may be needed. We will find out and obtain the necessary certificates and other required documents either directly from the authorities of the country in question or via companies in our widespread network.

We can help clarify the different funding opportunities available for internationalization as well as with the application process itself.

Helping to establish your business

Our turnkey service for establishing a business will help to secure your position in the Russian market. Russian bureaucracy and legislation, involved in the planning stages of setting up a business, must be carefully considered, especially because it differs significantly from what we are used to in the west. Taking care of even the smallest issues demands great expertise and a personal visit to the bureau in question. We can deal with the legalities of setting up sales offices in Russia, as well as locate appropriate office space and hiring local staff. Our turnkey business establishment service will take care of all the practicalities so you will save valuable time and money instead of wasting time learning how things operate and queing endlessly at government offices.

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