Sarus –A strong partner to companies wishing to expand their trade with Russia and the CIS

The basic concept of our business stems from the idea that every growth-oriented company on the verge of internationalization needs solid sales and marketing know how. This greatly enhances the possibilities for success in the target country. Sarus was established because we wanted to share our experience and top-level expertise of trading with Russia and the CIS with our customers. We assist in assessing the capabilities for internationalization, find financing for expansion and partners in the target country, avoid the worst pitfalls and take concrete action to increase your profitability. Last, but not least, we get tangible and manageable results fast in Russian speaking markets.

Russian and CIS markets are vast and full of excellent possibilities for companies looking to expand. Join us!

How we operate

– Our core values are practicality, flexibility and being results-orientated.

– We dedicate the same energy and enthusiasm to working for our customers as we do for our own company.

– We are members of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

– We work closely with our network of top experts for the benefit of our customers.

Take a closer look at our team of experts and networks.

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