Our Way of Working

Our customers thank us for our realistic hands-on approach as well as for sparring them on business matters. We believe that finding solid, practical solutions is the key to our business and also to the content of our training programs.

How we operate during the different stages of our customers’ internationalization process:

Stage 1 – The company wants to open up markets in Russia and CIS countries

Companies looking to expand their markets in Russia or the CIS will initially encounter many obstacles. Knowledge and experience of local business customs, the right contacts and good language skills are essential when creating a business plan, opening up markets and building networks.

Sarus operates on a flexible and practical level with all aspects of opening up to new markets, as well as when establishing business possibilities within the area. First, we do thorough preliminary groundwork i.e. familiarize ourselves with the customer’s products, their existing customers and criteria for buying, investigate the export capabilities for products in the target market, while accounting for the competition. Many of our customers have benefited from developments in marketing communications, which ensures that the company’s message and competitive benefits are differentiated from the competition.

We have a tried and tested marketing concept, whereby we present any necessary information as succinctly as possible. Our excellent language skills, profiling and partner search expertise as well as an extensive network of contacts guarantee that the most suitable partners are found for your company quickly and cost effectively.

Stage 2 – The company negotiates a partnership agreement

The next stage, when suitable partners have been found, is to negotiate a cooperation or trade agreement. Tactics and relationships form the basis of contract negotiation meaning it is imperative to understand the business culture and behavior of your partners in Russian-speaking countries. Sarus’s experts have years of experience in negotiating cooperation agreements with their subtle intricacies. We are directly involved during the entire negotiations – also providing interpretation services – in order for you to come to a mutually beneficial agreement while avoiding unnecessary risks.

Stage 3 –Business is about to start or is already up and running in the target area

Contractual matters are now in order and it is time to start working to attain the set goals. We ensure that that your business venture in the target country will take off as planned and not just remain on paper. Above all, we also make sure that your partners fulfill their end of the contract. By taking care of sales and marketing communications, as well as export promotions, we are able to control the entire distribution network ensuring that trade will commence and continue as planned. On a practical level we, for example, arrange product training, design customer letters and direct marketing campaigns, arrange meetings, PR events, seminars, fairs, manage customer contacts,  localize marketing material, certify products, help in acclimatizing etc. If the need arises, we will also train your staff in local business culture as well as sales and marketing.

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