Our Services

Market surveys and finding partners

Service description

This aim of this service is to realize your company’s potential for internationalization and to open up markets quickly in Russia and the CIS countries e.g. Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Belo-Russia. We also search for possible partners, arrange meetings and help with negotiations.

Benefits of the service

– We quickly and effectively ascertain the market situation and demand for your products and services within the target country.

– Our experts in Finland and in Russian speaking countries can achieve far greater results for your company, by working together in close cooperation, than a single consultant will working alone.

– You will avoid the typical risks associated with internationalization i.e. a lack of language skills and cultural barriers.

– You receive a clear report, based on which you can decide whether to open up new markets and what action to take.

Getting Started

1. Preliminary meeting

We work together with you to evaluate your needs, articulate your goals and the best action for achieving them.

2. Market surveys

We assess your product’s potential for success in the target area.

3. Searching for partners

We find 1-5 feasible partners who could be, for example, local distributors or agents.

4. Negotiations

We arrange meetings, provide interpreting services and act as a business consultant, giving you solid support right until the point where you achieve a good result in negotiations.


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