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Russian culture training


We offer training in Russian culture, which will equip your employees with the core skills to understand and function in a Russian cultural environment. Training is based on discussion and active participation and the hands-on content is tailored according to your specific needs and requirements.

Your key personnel -will gain in-depth knowledge on how to function effectively within a Russian cultural setting – learn key information on the differences between Finnish and Russian business culture – will learn to understand what factors influence Russian behavior and as a result will know the right course of action to take within a Russian working environment.

The entire course is tailored completely to your specific needs. The content can comprise, for example, the following subjects

– the development of the social structure in Russia
– different forms of company
– role of officials, licensing procedures
– the banking system
– bribery and its different forms
– business culture and customs (leadership, decision-making processes, networking etc)
– successful negotiations

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