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Trading with Russia in practice -training


Trading with Russia in practice is a program which combines hands-on training with project work at a real company for approximately six months. The aim is for a trainee, fluent in both Finnish and Russian, to provide a company with market research on Russian companies viable for partnership. This all happens under the careful guidance of an expert in Russian trade. In the event that the company has already done market research, or has previously operated in Russia, then the nature and goals of the project will be tailored to the company’s specific needs.

The tutor, appointed by Sarus to the training program, encourages and helps the trainee to develop their trading skills with Russia, aligned with the specific areas required by the project.

Training benefits:

The aim of the program is to connect available multilingual sales and marketing experts with companies looking to open up in Russian markets. The program is also beneficial to companies that have already done preliminary market research or are already operating in Russia.

Benefits for the company

– The company gets tangible results (a market analysis and possible partners in Russia).

– The company has the time and space to evaluate the suitability of the candidate as a potential employee for the future .

Take a look at employer experiences.

Benefits for the trainee:

– The trainee gets hands-on training in Russia trade and work experience under the guidance of an expert from Sarus.

The experience and training is a great asset for a career path.

Take a look at trainee experiences.

Organizers of the training: Sarus Ltd. and Työmaa Ltd. The
next training program will commence in the autumn of 2011 in cooperation with
the Center for Economic Development in South West Finland and participating


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